Custom Medical/Health Apparel

Medical personnel have far more important things to think about than their clothing. But their clothing is important. That’s why it makes good sense to let us handle your medical/healthcare apparel needs. Our expertise, developed over decades, takes the hassle out of the purchasing process. Equally reassuring, we sell only the highest-quality medical/healthcare apparel, designed for comfort, functionality, and fashion:
  • medical scrubs
  • lab coats
  • medical uniforms
  • patient giveaway apparel
  • protective apparel

We understand how crucial it is that your medical apparel protect your staff. Our personal account representatives are well versed in the relevant safety issues. They’ll sit down with you, assess your needs, and guide you toward the proper custom medical uniform solution. They’ll answer your questions about any apparel need, too, drawing upon their considerable experience in the apparel industry. Typically, our medical/healthcare apparel customers engage us because of our product and pricing. They stay with us for the personal service they receive.

Our medical/healthcare apparel customers are loyal because of our in-house design team as well. It’s composed of designers with vast experience in creating custom apparel programs, using logos from any medical/healthcare organization, or creating new designs – fashionable, appealing designs – those organizations can proud of.

Contact St. Clair Apparel and let us develop a custom medical/healthcare apparel program you’ll feel good about. It’s just what the doctor ordered.