Import Beverage Apparel

Looking for a way to fizz up your beverage company’s marketing plan? A way to refresh your image and leave the competition dry? We’ve got it: an import beverage apparel program customized to your unique business objectives.

For the beverage industry, we specialize in providing top-quality import apparel for ...
  • tradeshow and other event giveaways
  • customer gifts
  • sponsor apparel
Our importing capabilities have been tested, too, in decades of experience. And service? You won’t find any better in the apparel industry. We provide ...
  • a sample of your import apparel early on, before production is finalized, so you can verify the quality
  • an in-house design team that also has decades of experience and specializes in creating truly tasty beverage industry apparel
  • superior quality control and management of your import apparel purchase from design to delivery (Nothing is left to chance.)
  • worldwide shipping capabilities that greatly simplify and accelerate delivery
  • personal account representatives who know how to build a quality import apparel program and are readily available to address your questions and concerns
If your beverage company’s thirsty for a more satisfying marketing approach, contact St. Clair Apparel and talk with David St. Clair. He’ll quench that thirst with a refreshing import apparel program.