Import Corporate Apparel

It’s never easy for a company to build a brand and market it effectively. We can help – with a solution that’s unique, attention-getting, and remarkably cost-effective: an import corporate apparel program.

Corporate apparel is a simple way to set your company apart. Especially when it’s designed, developed, and imported by us.

Always professional, never boring, our import corporate apparel is ideal for ...
  • corporate giveaways
  • company outings
  • employee incentive programs
  • awards
  • gifts
  • corporate uniforms
We've been importing now for decades, so it's something at which we excel. Then, there's the matter of service. No one else in the apparel industry goes as far as we do to ensure your satisfaction. We provide ...
  • a sample of your import apparel early on, before production is finalized, so you can verify the quality
  • an in-house design team that also has decades of experience and specializes in creating corporate apparel that’s as eye-catching as it is tasteful
  • superior quality control and management of your import apparel purchase from design to delivery (Nothing is left to chance.)
  • worldwide shipping capabilities that greatly simplify and accelerate delivery
  • personal account representatives who know how to build a quality import apparel program and are readily available to address your questions and concerns

Want to make your corporate marketing job a whole lot easier and a whole lot more effective – without breaking the bank? Contact St. Clair Apparel and talk with David St. Clair about an import corporate apparel program of your own.