Import Hotel & Resort Apparel

It’s certainly no secret to you that competition in the hotel/resort industry is keen. You could – and probably have – spent a fortune differentiating your enterprise from the pack, finding ways to keep customers returning season after season.

We can save you some money – and still set you vividly apart: with a custom-tailored import apparel program.

You’d be hard-pressed to find another way to brand your hotel or resort as effectively and economically. We offer top quality apparel for ...
  • hotel and resort employees
  • promotional gift shop sale
  • giveaways at golf outings and other events
We also offer the industry’s finest service – a benefit of the fact that we’ve been importing quality apparel for decades. You can trust us to provide ...  
  • a sample of your finished hotel or resort apparel early on, so you can okay it before production is finalized
  • an in-house design team that also has decades of experience and specializes in creating hotel/resort apparel that makes a stellar impression
  • decisive, comprehensive management of your import apparel purchase from concept, design, and development to manufacturing and delivery (Nothing is left to chance.)
  • worldwide shipping capabilities that greatly simplify and accelerate delivery
  • personal account representatives who’ll answer your questions and take the confusion – as well as the complication – out of the import process.

To further enhance the image of your hotel or resort, contact St. Clair Apparel and talk with David St. Clair. He’ll get the ball rolling on a hotel or resort import apparel program that’ll brand you beautifully, economically – and painlessly.