Import Racing Apparel

Looking for unique racing apparel that’ll truly set your track or racing team apart from others nationwide? The solution’s right here – one that’s not only unique but also cost-effective and hassle-free: import racing apparel from us.

We have decades of experience dealing with overseas manufacturing. Let us put it to your advantage and build you an import racing apparel program all your own.

Racing apparel for import isn’t restricted by any garment or decorative limitations. That means we can provide you with unlimited design possibilities in ...
  • team apparel – for drivers and pit crew
  • apparel for trackside shops
  • speedway apparel
  • fan apparel
We offer the industry’s finest, most responsive service, too, including ...
  • an in-house design team that specializes – and has a proven track record – in creating unique logos, racing apparel designs, and decorations to fit every need (They’ll show you samples early on of any work they do for you, so you can rest assured the final product meets your expectations.)
  • decisive, comprehensive management of your import racing apparel purchase from concept, design, and development to manufacturing and delivery (Nothing is left to chance.)
  • worldwide shipping capabilities that greatly simplify and accelerate the handling of your order
  • personal account representatives with expertise that rids the import process of complication and confusion.

Contact St. Clair Apparel today and talk with David St. Clair. He’ll get you on the fast track to an import racing apparel program that’s sure to do you proud.