Private Label Programs

Your company’s customers and marketing objectives are unique. Why deal with an apparel provider who treats you like one of the crowd? We’ll build you an import apparel program that’s tailored to your needs alone, using your own private label, your own brand name.

We have decades of experience handling private label programs, not to mention decades of importing experience. Put it to work for you.

You’ll love the freedom we offer. For instance, we don’t restrict you at all in design or garment specifications. Nor do we limit in any way our compliance with your standards. We’ll meet your specifications precisely, whatever they are. And we’ll customize every facet of your private label program to ensure your satisfaction.

We also offer extensive services – the best in the industry – with any private label program we build for you. These services include not only private labeling but also ...
  • price ticketing
  • hologram application
  • licensing hang tags
  • a sample of your import private label apparel provided early on, before production is finalized, so you can verify the quality
  • an in-house design team that also has decades of experience as well as a proven record of creating private label apparel our clients are proud to call their own
  • comprehensive management of the manufacturing process from design to delivery (Nothing is left to chance.)
  • worldwide shipping capabilities that greatly simplify and accelerate delivery
  • personal account representatives dedicated to taking the confusion out of importing and answering your every question
For an import private label apparel program you can count on, contact St. Clair Apparel and talk with David St. Clair