St.Clair Apparel Launches New Website

St.Clair Apparel has recently launched its new website. It has added functionality that we are very excited about, from our new extensive apparel and promotional product photo gallery to our new import apparel section. We are very pleased with the positive responses we have heard so far, but we still want to hear from our customers. Please tell us what we can do to improve our website by going to the contact us page. Thank you for your continued support and helping to make St.Clair Apparel your first choice for custom apparel!
St.Clair Apparel is very proud to be able to provide our new, updated promotional website to our customers. We believe that it will make your apparel research and decision making much easier. However, if there is anything that our personal account representatives can help you with to clarify or make your promotional purchase easier, please call (574) 243-0591 and we will be happy to assist you.