Planning a company picnic or an outdoor promotional event? Then give your guests a souvenir that’ll leave a lasting 
impression and remind them who made that event possible. Our high-quality promotional sports and outdoor gear will look great emblazoned with your logo – maybe even with some other custom graphics. This is the kind of stuff that makes everyone eager to light up the barbecue, throw a frisbee around, or sit back in style and comfort while others play ball.

With decades of promotional experience to our credit, we can offer an unbelievable array of sports and outdoor gear for promotional use, including ...
  • backpacks
  • folding chairs
  • barbecue utensils
  • sports equipment
  • travel accessories
  • frisbees
  • coolers
  • stadium seats
Better still, our in-house design team has the experience necessary to make your promotional sports and outdoor gear unique. They can take your existing logo, for instance, and give it a fresh new look with some simple tweaks or create a brand new logo for you. Either way, your gear will stand out.

Our personal account representatives will give you the finest service our industry has to offer. They’ll make sure your promotional program fits your needs to a tee – at a price that fits, too

Whatever sports or other outdoor event you have coming up, contact St. Clair Apparel for the promotional sports and outdoor gear that’ll make it memorable.